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particle weighing filling machine for chips cookies rice powder filling

Model: LT-W20C
Filling Range: 30-400g for chips
Working Speed: 10- 25 times/min (depending on materials and packing weight)
Application: Cookies&Chips
Machine Size: 65*42*131.5cm
Hopper Size: 41*42*40cm
Big Outlet Size: 17*9*11cm
Small Outlet Size: 10.5*6*8cm



Our this weighing filling machine is a new comprehensive packaging equipment with the functions of automatic quantitative weighing, infrared sensor feeding, cumulative counting and cumulative weighing and other function.With the advantages of humanized design, small shape, simple operation mode, high efficiency and energy-saving, our machine enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad.

The large chips weighing filling machine 20 model is a kind of large quantity dispenser. It is specially designed for weighing different kinds of chips. With large hopper and adjustable discharge outlet, it is easy to let chips drop into the weighter and will not be blocked in the machine. It can be combined with our bag making machine being a complete chips packing machine.