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Paper Plastic Flat Square Surface Adhesive Sticker Cosmetic Mask Plane Paging Labeling Machine

Model: LT-170
Bottle size: Φ30-Φ120mm (H)20-200mm
Applicable label size: 15-150mm(H)*25-300mm(L)
Labeling speed: About 20-200 pcs/ min
Package size: About 860*650*750mm
Package weight: About 76kg



This online labeling machine which can work with the conveyor belt to realize automatic production or work as the single-alone operation machine. It is suitable for labeling stickers on flat surface like book, box, pouch bags.

1. If work with paging machine conveyor, it can label bags cards and other batch thin items fast
2. If work with normal conveyor, it can label more even thickness products like box, book, bottle, bags with contents


This machine is Suitable for flat bottles like PET bottle, plastic bottle, glass bottle, metal bottle, bags, books, etc.

Widely used in cosmetics, beverage, food, medical industries. Rapidly raise the production efficiency, and the label quality.




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