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automatic rotary eye drop essential oil liquid filling capping machine

Model: LT-AFC1
Bottle diameter:25-50mm(Can Customize)
Working speed: 0-40bpm(depending on liquid,bottle and caps)
Capping torsion: 4-9kgf/cm
Package size: About 2210*980*1740mm
Package weight: About 411kg



This machine is with functions of filling liquid,feeding caps and cap bottles. Multi-functional machine help you save production cost.The rotary dish of the machine can be customized according to product diameter.This machine is widely used in daily chemicals, cosmetics industries. We can customize the machine according to your products . Warmly welcome to consult us if you are interested in our this customization machine.



It is widely used in various industries, it is suitable for small bottles and ranges liquid to fill and capping. 



1. Stainless steel body

Thickened stainless steel, anti-corrosion, durable.

2. Applicable to filling and capping in one machine, promote production speed.

Widely used in industry, food, daily chemical and cosmetic industries.

3. High-quality motor

Speed-regulating motor, good stability, no slip loss, stable running at high roads, reliable use and convenient maintenance




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