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automatic 4 heads liquid filling machine water juice filler for business

Model: LT-QZDY4
Filling range:100-1000ml
Size of filling nozzle: φ10mm
Working speed: 20-50bottles/min
Conveyor size: About 1990*100mm(L*W)
Package size: About 2000*1200*2300mm
Package weight: About 260kg



LT-QZDY2/4/6/8 automatic liquid filling machine is a machine produced by our company. It has compact design, beautiful appearance, wide application field, and it worked with imported parts, so that the the machine has a good performance. Piston-type linear filling with high precision filling, easy installation and commissioning, cleaning and maintenance is simple, no dripping and so on.Each nozzles can be controlled separately. It is widely used in food, beverage industries.



Can be used for various liquids,such as Beverages,vinegar,soy sauce,oil,juice,essential oil,liquid products, etc