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Desktop one head 4L magnetic pump filling machine

Model: LT-MPF4L
Filling Range: 5-1000ml
Application: liquid
Maximum suction: 2m
Maximum flow: 4000ml/min
Power outage memory function: yes
Anti-dripping Function: yes
Size: About 355*300*265mm
Weight: 7kg



This automatic filling machine is equipped with magnetic pump,which can ensure the filling accuracy.The filling speed of each nozzle can be controlled separately. It has compact design, beautiful appearance,wide application field, and it worked with imported parts, so that the the machine has a good performance.



Suitable for various corrosive, low viscosity, and non particulate liquids. For example: various chemicals (solvents, acetone), oil (edible oil, essence), cosmetics (toner, makeup remover, spray), food (milk, soybean milk), beverages (fruit juice, wine), seasonings (soy sauce, vinegar), high and low foam liquid (care liquid, detergent)